Clean eyes are healthy eyes. Nevertheless, our eyes are exposed to countless potentially harmful things such as dust and pollen and infection-causing bacteria. Our eyelids also have a daily build up of natural oils and dirt that need to be cleaned to keep the eyelids healthy.  Daily cleansing is the best way to keep eyelids clean and free from debris, but to maximize the effects of your cleaning, it’s important to use products that are gentle and designed specifically for the eyes. Thankfully, there is OCuSOFT.

A large part of the OCuSOFT product line is a selection of non-irritating products that are designed specifically to help remove any oil, debris and pollen from the eyelids and eyes, leaving them as clean and healthy as possible. Here are some of the products that you may be interested in:

OCuSOFT Lid Scrub Foaming Eyelid Cleanser
Ocusoft Lid Scrub Original Is An Instant Foaming Liquid That Generates A Pre-Lathered Foam Immediately Upon Depressing The Control Tip Pump.  The instant foaming formula helps to remove oil, debris, pollen and contaminants and should be used with a new, soft, clean cleansing pad for each eye. The PLUS and Platinum formulas are Extra Strength Leave-On Eyelid Cleanser That Effectively Relieves Irritation By Removing Oil, Debris, Pollen And Other Contaminants. Added Anti-Inflammatory Properties.

OCuSOFT Lid Scrub Original Pre-Moistened Pads
The Most Convenient Form of OCuSOFT Lid Scrub Non-Irritating Formula Effectively Removes Oil, Debris, Pollen From The Eyelids. Ideal For Daily Eyelid Hygiene And Mild To Moderate Eyelid Conditions.

OCuSOFT Lid Scrub PLUS Pre-Moistened Pads
An Extra Strength Leave On-Formula Effectively Cleanses And Removes Contaminants For Maximum Relief. Ideal For Moderate To Severe Eyelid Conditions.

OCuSOFT Lid Scrub Allergy Eyelid Cleanser
Seasonal Allergies Can Cause Red, Itchy, Irritated Eyes And Eyelids. Allergy Eye Drops Relieve Eye Symptoms But Do Not Calm The Irritated Eyelids. Ocusoft Lid Scrub Allergy Removes Oil, Debris, Pollen, And Other Contaminants From The Eyelids While Utilizing Green Tea Extract, Tea Tree Oil, And Psg-2 To Effectively Reduce Redness, Irritation And Itching Sensation Of Allergy Eyelids.

Oust Demodex Cleanser Pre-Moistened Pads
An Extra Strength Cleanser With Tea Tree Oil That Effectively Relieves Irritation By Removing Oil, Debris, Pollen And Other Contaminants From Eyelashes, Eyelids And The Face And Aids In The Removal Of Adult Demodex Mites And Their Offspring When Used Daily. It Also Contains A Moisturizer And Preservative Blend That Offers Anti-Bacterial Properties.

OCuSOFT Baby Eyelid & Eyelash Cleanser
Mild, tearless formula that gently removes morning gunk and irritants that may contribute to discomfort associated with blocked tear ducts, pink eye, allergies, and other eyelid related conditions.

OCuSOFT HypoChlor
This product is available as both a gel and a spray and should be used in combination with a surfactant such as OCuSOFT’s lid scrub for the greatest possible level of cleanliness.

OCuSOFT Dry Eye Mask
A Moist Heat Mask Compress For Mild Dry Eye With A Patent-Pending Cross Hatch Design Proven To Deliver Even Heat Distribution. Heating The Mask For 20 Seconds Will Provide Soothing Moist-Heat Relief For Dry, Scratchy, Irritated Eyes.

Hot/Cold Pack - Double Eye Pack 
Reusable, adjustable, hot / cold pack. Therapeutic eyes and face packs are specially designed to conform to the face and contours where the application of a hot/cold compress is required. It is manufactured with a special PVC FDA-approved non-toxic plastic material filled with a non-freezable gel that is guaranteed not to harden at cold temperatures.

For more information on keeping your eyes clean with OCuSOFT products, go to https://www.ocusoft.com/eye-care-3

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